Binge During the Break, but not only on Food

Thanksgiving break is fast approaching, meaning a whole lot of free time on your hands. Netflix and Hulu have several shows and movies you could binge-watch to pass the time.

 On Netflix

Gilmore Girls: A drama centering around the relationship between a thirty something single mother and her teen daughter. Teenage daughter Rory goes to Yale and often visits her mom in Stars Hollow, even though her parents always seem to have something to say about her choice of lifestyle.

Grey’s Anatomy: A drama series that focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle. It stars Meredith Grey, who is the daughter of a famous surgeon but, struggles to keep relationships with her fellow surgeons.


Luke Cage: A Netflix original that is about a wrongly accused man who escaped prison and is given super strength and durability. He then becomes a superhero for hire but, when he tries to rebuild his life, his past always seems to show up somewhere like he knew it would even when he tried to bury it.

On Hulu

Workaholics: This show is an American sitcom about three friends that work together and live together as telemarketers. Adam DeVine is one of the main characters, so if you liked him in Pitch Perfect you’re going to love the show.

Teen Wolf: A teen named Scott McCall was in the woods when he encountered a strange creature and, his life was changed forever. This new season a character who dies in season three comes back somehow, leaving many questions still unanswered as to who brought her back.

In Theaters

fantastic-beastsFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: A secret community of New York witches and wizards who were around 70 years before Harry Potter read his book in school. The movie overall gives a backstory of wizards who were trying to hide from the “no-maj”. Release date is Nov. 18.

Doctor Strange: An action movie about a former neurosurgeon who embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts. The movie came out Nov. 4 and is still in theaters.

Trolls: A movie that falls into the category of fantasy/adventure, about a small village of trolls that gets invaded by an enemy and a small troll named Poppy embarks on a journey to save his friends. DreamWorks released this movie Nov. 4, it is still in theaters.

Moana: A new Disney movie that comes out Nov. 23, about a young girl who travels across the sea to find her hero the Maui to help save her people. Moana and Maui both sail across the open ocean facing monsters along the way.

Arrival: A drama that came out Nov. 11, about a linguistics professor who is recruited by the military to help translate alien languages when spaceships touch down on Earth in 12 different places.

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