MOPA: Orchestra Fund Raiser at EZ’s

On Dec. 1, the orchestra department will host a fundraiser at EZ’s from 5 p.m – 9 p.m. senior, Ashton Woods is first chair in varsity orchestra and will play and help host the event.

“Orchestra raises money for their department and do a lot of trips and community concerts, also Dr. Garverick provides school instruments for people who do not have one so the extra money goes towards them,” Woods said.

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The fundraiser benefits not only orchestra and the school but also helps give others an opportunity to get instruments as well.

“There are going to be small groups, trios and quartets of people that are going to play Christmas carols and whenever people go to eat there they leave their receipt in a bucket on the counter, which we get the proceeds,” Woods said.

Ashton Woods has been on varsity for three years and enjoys playing with others who have the same passion as her for orchestra. As Wood’s last year, she is leaning on minoring in music theory as she heads out for college next year.

“Orchestra is really fun but it is a lot of hard work which a lot of people don’t know because we play a lot of concerts so we don’t have enough time to prepare the music usually,” Woods said. “It is also full of people who love music and Dr. Garverick is amazing and has a bunch of awards because she has been a really successful teacher and musician which makes it fun to play under her. It’s bittersweet, I’m so excited to be a senior, but at the same time playing the songs with my friends, who I probably won’t see after graduation, is a little sad.”


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