Aquatic meet this Saturday

The swim team will compete at Josh Davis Natatorium in the Blossom Athletic Center on Dec. 3.

“It’s not just a school event,” junior, Sasha Marin said. “It’s a meet you have to get time standards for.”


The students that do not make varsity swim times, but are still great swimmers have the opportunity to attend the meet. It involves students from all over the state, so it isn’t just a district type event.

“I’m nervous,” Marin said. “But this is probably one of me favorite meets of the season, so I’m really excited for it.”

The one thing that makes the meets enjoyable for Marin is the adrenaline that hits her right before she enters the water, and to her once she’s in the water her mind goes blank and she doesn’t overthink much.

“I’m hoping I final in the event,” Marin said. “that way I can get recognition.”

The students are in the South zone with rankings from the lower states in the U.S. The student(s) that gets first place gets to compete against the other first place students from the rest of the states.

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