9 Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas!

A list to help you find a present for a friend, family, or significant other, or maybe what you could add to your own wish list.

  1. Giving a book to someone for them to read is a good idea, especially the book American Girls by Allison Umminger. The book’s about a teenage girl named Anna, who’s growing towards adulthood, and she’s had it with her life at home. So Anna “borrows” her stepmom’s credit card and runs away to Los Angeles, where her half-sister takes her in. But LA isn’t exactly the glamorous escape Anna had imagined. Cost is $11.38 on Barnesandnoble.com

    From www.barnesandnoble.com
  2. A Bedside Essential pocket is a really good idea for anyone, so you never forget where you put things at night because it’s right there next to you. Cost is $20.00 on Uncommongoods.com.

    From www.uncommongoods.com
  3. The Smartphone Projector is really cool to have and just what everyone needs in their life to have a real at home theater to watch movies or even just a video. Cost is $28.00 on Uncommongoods.com.

    From www.uncommongoods.com
  4. iPhone Charger Sticker Faces is a fun way to allow anyone to decorate their charger. Cost is $12.95 on Uncommongoods.com.

    From www.uncommongoods.com
  5.  The Twizz season ornament is a little adorable gift that will allow the person you give this to, the oppurtunity to always think of you when they put this on their tree. Cost is $9.99 on Modcloth.com.

    From www.modcloth.com
  6.  A Face Mug is a great gift for those who love having coffee or a drink, it also has a little dpartment in the shape of a mouth to hold a little snack. Cost is $18.00 for one but for a set of two it’s $35.00 on Uncommongoods.com.

    From www.uncommongoods.com
  7. Game of Phones is a cool game to get as a gift and after it’s open it’s a nice way to just gather around together to calm down from the excitement of the holidays with friends. Cost is $20.00 on Uncommongoods.com.

    From www.uncommongoods.com
  8.  The Tweet Freedom necklace is a nice piece of jewelry to give or ask for as a small little gift to someone special, or to a friend. Cost is $13.99 on Modcloth.com.

    From www.modcloth.com
  9.  This No Business Like Snow Business is a great present to show the holiday spirit through a wonderful piece of jewelry. Cost is $9.99 on Modcloth.com.

    From www.modcloth.com
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