Take it With You: Theatre Performance

A poster of You Cant Take It With You. by Hope Herrera
A poster of You Can’t Take It With You. by Hope Herrera

Junior varsity drama will perform a play called ” You Can’t Take It With You”. The play will be a romantic comedy about two families.

“We have been working since the middle of September,” freshman Delaney Rayner said. “From that point on we have been working on this play.” 

For many of the drama students this will be their first play in the black box. 

“Many of the JV students and I will be showing how quirky family meeting a corporate family, where we explain how they met up and how they mashed to one family during the great depression,” junior Alexander Patterson said.

The play will take place during the 1930’s when the Great Depression was taking place. During that time there was terrible poverty.

“The performance is in the black box, so the audience will be closer as if their part of the story,” Rayner said. 

The first showing of the performance will be in the auditorium on Dec. 5 from 6 p.m- 7 p.m.

“I think the play will go [well], we have been working very hard on it, we are very excited to show what we have been working on,” Rayner said. 

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