John Jay Drill Meet Today

The Mighty Blue Angels and Mighty Blue Guard of JROTC will compete today, at John Jay High School.

“You’re always nervous a little bit before the calm,” Commander Jessica Parra said. “Especially as me as a commander you hope the best for these girls.”

The teams go through four phases during the meet, color guard, inspection, regulation, and exhibition.

“We are hoping to achieve the best,” Parra said. “Hopefully the girls have a new experience. They say John Jay is the hardest one.”

Drill Team goes to a different school each month for these events, so far they have been to four this school year.


“Since this is my fourth year we have attended, Wagner, Roosevelt, John Jay, Clark, South West, Warren,” Parra said. “We’ve been to so many schools at different times of the year.”

All of the meets have helped Parra because of actual drill sergeants that get in cadet’s faces and yell, getting them ready for the real deal.

“I’m pretty used to it because it’s my fourth year doing competitions like this,” Commander Carina Rodriguez said.

The adrenaline Rodriguez gets before she goes through any of the four phases is what she enjoys the most.

“For my team, I’m trying to set an example,” Rodriguez said.

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