Cyber Safe-CyberPatriots compete

As their fingers glide across the keyboard trying to figure out how to fight against the enemy, the CyberPatriots vigorously type words and numbers that would make no sense to anyone who isn’t a CyberPatriot.

“A CyberPatriot is a person who actively studies how IOSs work, and pretty much we work to essentially make it more secure,” CyberPatriot Joshua Wong said.

Student on the computer. Photo by Hannah M.
Student working on the computer. Photo by Hannah Monita

The CyberPatriots competed Friday, Dec. 9, where they worked on operating systems, and are still waiting for the results of the competition.

“The competition was us handling three images or three operating systems,” Wong said. “One was Windows 2008 server, and another was Windows 8.1.”

As technology improves the dangers of it do as well, the CyberPatriots exist to help fight against possible threats.

“This is something that I’ve wanted to pursue ever since freshman year,” Wong said.  “It’s just something really interesting. Knowing how computers actually work.”

Joining the CyberPatriots isn’t just having to reach requirements, it’s wanting to be on the team.

“There really isn’t any requirement for what you need to know you can just join the team but you do have to be apart of JROTC,” Wong said.  “Technically it’s an Air Force thing. Any military-based high school can compete.”


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