JROTC Wreath Placing Ceremony

Wreaths placed on fallen soldier’s graves. From: www.mysanantonio.com

Five students from each JROTC company attend go to place wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers in Fort Sam, on Dec. 17.

“It sounds pretty cool,” Delta member Abigail Slowly said.

Slowly is thankful for everything the military has done for our country. She feels honored to be given the opportunity to attend the ceremony to show her respect.

“I haven’t done it before,” freshman Grace Conger said. “I’ve heard how much honor it brings to the families that see everyone volunteering.”

Conger is looking forward to see everyone come together and give respect to the fallen soldiers as well.

“I’m just nervous about all the emotion that is going to come with the ceremony,” Conger said. “Just seeing everyone come together to watch the wreaths being placed.”

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