The Hour Of Code

students decoding a robot. by Hope Herrera
Students decoding a robot by Hope Herrera

On Dec 8, students were introduced to a global movement called Hour of Code for science appreciation week. The Hour of Code is where students make up their own code or try to code a game.

“Exposing students to coding and computer science gives them opportunities they maybe didn’t have before and could be the first step in a future career,” librarian Janelle Schnacker said.

The program has many games and activities to code that can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or even a phone.

“Students use block coding to program games and robots to tell it what to do,” Schnacker said.

One of the activities is coding a robot to move. Obstacles are put into place and the robot has to be coded to go through the maze or whatever the robot was put in.

“I think it went well,” Schnacker said. “Multiple classes participated, as well as 30 students during lunch period.” 

Schnacker thinks that the program was a success for encouraging students to come in and try this global movement, and experience something new.

“It’s all about exposure to computer science and getting people excited about the possibilities,” Schnacker said.

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