All American Bowl Field Trip

The JROTC organization took a trip to the Alamodome for a day of exploring new Army technology in the form of games and other fun activities on Jan. 6. The following day cadets who wanted to go to the All American Bowl football game were able to.

“I liked the tour,” Staff Sergeant Guillermo Zamarripas said. “It allowed us to get a hands-on experience and allowed the Army Officers to show us what they do for a living everyday.”

Some of the merchandise given to the cadets. Photo by: Janelle Garcia

The tour had different questioners that helped decipher whether young cadets are better off going to ROTC or into the military with a specific MOS.

“I feel the purpose was to get more recruit more people into the army,” Sergeant Nathan Robertson said. “As well as to give them a small experience of the military.”

Although the final score was 27-17 with the East bearing the West, people were sitting at the edge of their seats.

“The game as interesting,” First Sergeant Eric Sledge said. “I had a bet between my friend and I so it was more interesting when things were neck-and-neck.”

The All American Bowl was a fun yet educational trip, the cadets got “a taste of the Army,” experienced a football game, and received Army merchandise.

I’m thankful to have been able to go, it was really fun,” Private Brandon Groff said. “I would describe the trip as a reward to the cadets.”

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