New Year’s Tradition

Every year, my family and I have a tradition where we share our New Year’s resolution with each other. Well, at least I thought we did. My family and I were outside getting ready to watch the fireworks before the clock struck midnight and, I was already thinking of what kind of resolution I would have: would I try to be a better daughter, will I get off my phone more and pay attention to the world around me, or will I try to completely change myself into someone that isn’t really me? None of these would work, I’ve tried to do them before and, I’ve never succeeded.


Then it hit me. My New Year’s resolution should be to become a better me, not change me, just improve myself. As my family and I get together as the clock on my phone shows midnight, and the fireworks light up the dark sky, we start doing our normal routine of traditions like eating 12 grapes for the months, drinking “ginger soda” as I like to call it, but when we were supposed to do the last tradition which was sharing our resolutions, the time never came.

Was this tradition over? Was it okay to just leave it like this, the tradition that has been a part of my family for so long, was this really happening?

This certainly was a problem for me, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, I’m not leaving this behind, I’m letting it go. There’s no more need for a resolution to change myself, or grow to be better; although I still could become better at certain things. There was no need to grow anymore, no need because, I’ve already grown so much over the past years, learning from different things thats happened to me over the years, it was time to say goodbye to New Year’s resolutions, and say hello to New Years.

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