One Singular Sensation

On Saturday Jan. 28 and Sunday Jan. 29, cheer, dance and pep squad will be holding a performance taking part in One Singular Sensation, along with other schools from the district at Littleton Gym.

“This is something my team and I look forward to every year,” JV Lieutenant Lauren Hernandez said. “I enjoy getting together with the other schools from the district, it’s not necessarily a competition but we all like to see what everyone has to bring to the table.”

OSS has been a tradition ever since 1975 when the Broadway production first came out. Being apart of it means something for all the participants.

“This is my third year in OSS, being able to cheer for everyone and my school is something I’m proud of,” cheerleader Lauren Ledesma said. “It gets me going and gives me some practice before taking on nationals, a great eye opener.”

Spirit groups, reenact “A Chorus Line” together as a whole creating a collaboration of many different skills. This occurs towards the end of the show closing up all performances.

“My favorite part of the show has always been the end, being able to come together with the rest of the NEISD groups and show everyone the talent we’ve been working for is something we prepare for all year,” JV dancer Arianna Mata said.

Varsity and JV Dancers, Suzanne Hernandez


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