Valentine’s Day: The Single Life

Candy hearts, red roses, and giant teddy bears all symbolize a time of year all couples look forward to: Valentine’s Day. With this holiday also brings out the bitter side of single people.

“I think the main reason most people are mad [about Valentine’s Day] is because observing those emotions reminds them that they’re alone and makes people lose confidence in themselves,” senior Andrez Blanco said.  “They tend to feel more needy.”


Commercialized traditions of expressing love to one another is affecting the holiday itself, making it come across as a mundane holiday.

“It’s just a holiday,” junior Irene Hankis said. “It’s just like any other day to me, I don’t care about giving gifts.”

Valentine’s Day lands on Tuesday this year and whether or not you have someone to spend it with or not, take time to tell someone you care about them.

“I don’t think showing someone you care should only be reserved for one day,” freshman Michael Rodriguez said. “I think you should always be appreciative.”

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