Pep Reaches Finals

On Feb. 25 pep squad will be at San Marcos for their final competition.


“It’s nerve racking because finals is close by,” freshman Jasmine Garcia said. “It’s really important to all of us.” 

For some of pep dancers this will be their first time going to competition.

“I have never gone to competition before but I think it will be fun to see and meet other pep dancers,” freshman Ana Ferrante said.

The dancers express their love for dancing and build new friendships and grow as a successful team.

“The best feeling is being with all the girls and just doing what we all love,” Garcia said. 

Some pep squad members have been doing this for a while that they have a special connection with one another.

“The best feeling of being in pep is knowing that you will have a family that you will continue to grow with,” Co-captain London Bridge said.

The love for dance to join in.

I joined dance because my mom was a dancer and I want to follow in her footsteps,” Ferrante said.

To be in finals pep has to give their best performance to the judges to show what they can do also show they all worked hard for what they love to do.

“Our goal for competition is to get the dance perfect and to win 1st place,” Garcia said.

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