Hakuna Matata, What a Wonderful Phrase…

“Hakuna Matata” was announced as choir’s theme for this year at the first concert of the year on Sept. 28, in the auditorium.  

The theme was chosen based on the number of hardships that the choir will be going though this year, including Mrs. Gallegos’ extended absence after having her new daughter and the possibility of the choir students having no room to practice in.

 There are many speculations about why the students are leaving, but senior Kaitlyn Garcia and sophomore Dylan De Leon both believe that there is going to be construction in the fine arts building that will interrupt class.

Photo by Mary De Leon

 “I think we’ll be fine,” Garcia said.  “As long as there’s enough space, because there’s a lot of people.”

 Senior Audrey Gaytan says that it will feel different as well, even awkward.

“The choir room is like a home to us,” Gaytan said. “But we’re so determined to do so well that it won’t stop us from being the best we can be.”

 Senior, and Choir President, Alex McBride believes that there’s possibility that they’ll be moved to the new science building. 

Mrs. Gallegos, one of the choir directors, gave birth to her first child just the day before the concert, a girl named Ruby, so Mr. Woodward was left to run the concert alone, for the first time in eleven years.  Garcia thought that it went well though.

  “It was not as serious as it would have probably been,” Garcia said.

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