Get To Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Joshua Wong

Photo by Mary De Leon

Joshua Wong is a senior, and has been in the JROTC program here since his freshman year.

Q: What rank are you?

A: “I am a Cadet 1st Lieutenant.”

Q: How does the ranking work at a high school level?

A: “The ranking system functions on a basis of merit and overall involvement of cadets within the battalion.”

Q: Is it hard to climb ranks?

A: “I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s difficult, since it really depends on how much you do and contribute to the Corp during events or through competitions.”

Q: What perks do certain ranks receive?

A: “As for perks, rank doesn’t give privileges however, I believe you are given more responsibility with a higher rank and in some sense, yes, perks such as the use of the staff office for study and lunch purpose, but it really is a measure of responsibility and not entirely the additions of perks.”

Q: Do you like the competitions?

A: “I myself very much enjoy the competitions.  I find them fun and exciting, it’s also always a great team bonding experience.”

Q: How many kinds of competitions does our JROTC do?

A: “The Mac JROTC program both hosts and competes in many different events throughout the school year.  Since we have eight different teams and conduct color guards, we are very active in many NEISD events.”

Q: In recent years, what awards have you or the school received?

A: “I have received many awards over the three years I’ve been a part of the battalion.  Such include academic awards and other prestigious national awards like the Scottish Rite.”

Q: JROTC accomplishments are one thing, what accomplishments do you have scholastically?

A: “Honestly I suppose I can say that I view my admission to the NHS program as scholarly, however I don’t feel I have achieved anything of extraordinary nature.”

Q: Does JROTC work into your plan for the future?

A: “JROTC in my opinion has definitely helped me prepare for my future, yet it is not part of my future as I don’t plan to go into the military.”

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