Second Amendment needs overhaul

A massive shooting took place in Las Vegas on Oct. 30. Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man, killed 58 people and injured hundreds of others. He had 23 firearms in his hotel room and twelve of the rifles were modified with a “bump stock,” which allows it to fire faster. In Nevada, “bump stocks” can be bought without a permit. All the purchases Paddock made were legal. As a result of the shooting, the government is trying to make the purchase of guns stricter by limiting the number of guns and bullets someone can buy, along with other rules and restrictions. For years, there have been modifications to gun policies, but the problem is still there. Events similar to the one in Las Vegas keep happening around the country.

The Second Amendment should be amended to say that it is illegal to keep and bear arms, unless they are used for sport.


When the Amendment was written, things were very different. Guns in the 1700s were less developed and less dangerous. They were muskets loaded with powder and ball. Today, there are many different types of guns made with the highest technology, including assault rifles, which is what Paddock used. Back then, guns didn’t shoot 50-60 bullets per minute and couldn’t kill scores of people at once.

Countries without the right to bear arms have a lower crime rate. America’s homicide rate is one of the highest. Some of the countries with gun bans include Scotland, Japan, and Australia. Scotland banned arms due to a gunman who killed 16 kids in a school. The ban had an effective result dropping homicide by 55%. Gun homicides were compared in twelve different countries. The U.S had the most deaths in one year by more than 30 million people. Japan had the lowest not even reaching 1 million.

Last but not least, Australia. After a gunman killed 35 people and wound 23 people in 1996, action was taken. Automatic and semi-automatic guns were banned. Citizens are not allowed to possess firearms. There have been no more mass shootings after the law was passed. Before it, there were 13. Also, deaths by gunshot have declined at a rate of 6 percent.

Opposition might say that guns make people feel safer because they can defend themselves, but if guns were illegal, it would be harder for criminals to buy one and people wouldn’t have to defend themselves. They can use other weapons less dangerous if someone tries to attack them.

America would be better without guns. The Second Amendment should be changed to where most guns are illegal.

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4 thoughts on “Second Amendment needs overhaul

  1. Buen trabajo hija ,estamos orgullosos de ti ,porque te esfuerzas en lo que haces. te queremos mucho. ?

  2. This the most poorly thought out and written article I’ve ever seen. You should think before you write. Tell whoever the Newspaper teacher at MAC they’re out of their minds to let whoever you are publish this crap. Think for yourself.

  3. Also, I work with a 10 year olds and I’ve seen them use a more advanced vocabulary than you.

  4. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” “A well regulated militia” was one that drilled and trained and hunted every day. They were as familiar with their weapons as you are your bathroom sink. Most of you folks have never served, never trained and are as likely to shoot one another as any potential terrorist I would not give an infant a power saw or a civilian an assault weapon. I only would if they agreed to attend mandatory safety training and to re-certify every year. that’s the only way. Good luck with it.

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