Strike it up: bowling tryouts

Bowling tryouts took place on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 5 at 4:30-5:30 at Brunswick bowling alley.

“I am looking forward to facing Roosevelt this year,” junior Nathan Robertson said.

  Robertson hopes to improve on his bowling skills for the upcoming season.

Getting a strike. Photo by Megan Buentello

 “I want to improve on my accuracy and consistency,” Robertson said.

 Robertson says his main focus is staying in the moment.

 “I try and stay focused in the moment and not let anything or anyone get into my head,” Robertson said.

Sophomore Marisa Garcia has a certain ritual she does before she starts each game.

“My ritual before a game is to take a deep breath every time I’m on the lane,” Garcia said.

Garcia says that every strike she gets helps the team out with points.

“When I get a strike it feels amazing because that is a lot of points added to the score,” Garcia said “It helps your team out at the end of the game.” 

Varsity boys and girls will participate in the opening ceremony the first Saturday in November at Astro Bowl.

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