Get to Know Your Brahmas: Q&A with Mr. Curran

Mr. Curran switched from teaching calculus to French this year when the school needed a new French teacher.

Q:What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Mr. Curran holding the French flag.

A:“Seeing a student react in a curious/excited way about the material.”


Q:Was switching to French your idea or the school’s?

A:“Both, the school knew that they would need a French teacher this year and that’s why I started thinking, ‘I want to be a French teacher,’. Then we got a French teacher and he left so I became the French teacher.”

Q:Will you keep teaching French or is this temporary?

A:“It should be for awhile. Of course we teachers we can get moved around, but I think it will be a few years French and a few years

math so the students can have continuity.”

Q:How do you feel about your new classroom?

A:“I like it, I like the windows. And I have benches. This classroom has benches, which is very different. So two kids sit together and it’s good instead of the little desks. It’s very French, I had this when I lived in France, so I like the chance for the kids to sit together. Hopefully they should be talking more when they practice.”

Q:What is your biggest challenge with the switch?

A:“Math is easier to grade, it’s yes or no, right or wrong. French we grade more for ‘are you trying?’, ‘are you practicing?’, ‘are you saying something?’ and ‘are you saying it clear enough?’. So it’s a different grade.”

Q:What subject do you prefer teaching, French or calculus?

A:“Both, calculus is amazing and fun and very complicated. French has history, culture, art, theatre, and politics. The language classes have more of the world.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching French?

A: “I would say using music. Using songs for pronunciation. I don’t know if the students love it yet, but I would hope they start liking it more.”

Q: What do you miss most about teaching calculus?

A: “Equations, problem solving, but I still have a math club and I still get to be involved.”

Q: Is there any other subjects you would like to teach?

A: “This is for Mrs. Cardoza? Tell her I want to take her job. No, I like French and math, I can’t imagine in the future a different subject.”

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