Top 6 Urban Legends

Urban legends are horrific stories told by others, and these ten urban legends will scare you straight into the Halloween spirit. If not, then hopefully just right out scare you to the point you don’t ever want to go near anything that relates to these stories.

The Haunted Classroom. Photo by Hannah Monita.

1. Haunted Classrooms

MacArthur high school, it’s just an average high school, but what makes it so different is the haunted classrooms. These classrooms all have the number 13 at the end of the room number, such as 113, 213, and 313. The thing that brings these classes together is that on every Friday the 13th they start to come to life, wanting to devour the students and teachers. It’s hungry because they only eat once a year, and if they’re lucky three times.

2. 4th Floor

The 4th Floor. Photo by Mary De Leon.

They say that the 4th floor is just an empty floor that has nothing but dust and forgotten objects, but they never allow students to go up there. The only ones allowed to go up there, are teachers, faculty, and workers with a key to lock it up. Never a student though, because it’s dangerous. The school learned that the hard way. Especially after sending a student up to get decorations from the fourth floor and they never came back down and thought that said student might’ve left. If they were ever to leave the doors open to anyone, then whatever is inside would escape.

The Whispering hallways. Photo by Hanah Monita

3. The Whispering Hallways

The hallways are always just green lockers and white and blue walls, with teens, and teachers walking through to get to their next destination, but it’s more than that. There’s always this whisper; it’s still whispering someone’s name as if it’s looking for help to save them from what is chasing them in the hallway.

4. The Beast of a Reader

Beast of a reader. Photo by Hannah Monita.

There’s a reason why the library at Mac opens and closes at a specific time. It’s so that we don’t see what lurks behind the shelves. The beast who loves to read but hates to be disturbed. They used to open up the library earlier and close later so students could be in the library and work long after school. Soon, students started to hear noises of someone mumbling. One day a group of students went

5. The Photo with No Eyes

The Photo with no Eyes. Photo by Hannah Monita

A camera is used to catch a perfect moment or something worth remembering forever, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. On the walls of the school, there’s a photo that moves around the halls trying to catch someone’s attention, and when it’s seen the face of the people in the photo have no eyes as if they’ve been torn out before the picture was taken. After this is seen, there’s flash, like someone’s taking a picture, then dizziness, and finally darkness, you feel as though you had fainted. You can hear people talking and moving around; so you think you’re sleeping, but what you don’t know is that your picture was taken and you are now apart of the eyeless photo.

6. The Eyes of Douglas MacArthur

Eyes of Douglas MacArthur. Photo was taken by Hannah Monita.

There’s an archway with the face of Douglas MacArthur at the entrance of the school, everyone passes it without looking at it too long. Then there are those who do look at it, and they see MacArthur’s eyes, and as they move, they see that his eyes follow them, it seems as though it’s nothing and just go along with their day. However, as the day goes on and it’s time to leave school, they’ll look up, and MacArthur is still watching them, following them till he can no longer see them, and it’ll continue like that until the day they no longer go to the school.

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