Cheap DIY Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up. There is no need to buy a costume. Here are some costume ideas that can be done at home and the materials are very cheap. Who wouldn’t want to save some money?

1. “Where’s Waldo.” This is a very simple, but clever idea. You’re going to need a white shirt with red stripes and if you don’t have one or you don’t want to buy one, then you can make one. First, grab a plain white shirt, tape, and red paint. Then, place strips of tape horizontally up and down the shirt. Finally, paint the parts that are not covered with the tape. Once the shirt is done, get some jeans and a pair of glasses and you will be transformed into Waldo.

2. Winnie Pooh. Disney characters are always a fun option. To be Winnie the Pooh, all you need is an oversized yellow hoodie, a big red t-shirt, a headband, and yellow fabric or paper. First, cut the red shirt into a crop top. Then, cut out ears on the yellow fabric/paper and glue them on the headband. Finally, put on the hoodie and the crop top on top of it, and put on the headband.

3. Scarecrow. You are going to need a flannel, a straw hat, an overall or jeans, and makeup. For the makeup, you need eyeliner to make a triangle on your nose representing a patch. Then, fill in the triangle with orange eyeshadow. Next, draw lines on the outside edge of the triangle. Finally, extend your smile with the eyeliner and draw stitches on it. After the makeup is done, put the costume together and you will be a scarecrow.

4. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. This is a good costume to wear with your best friend. Costumes can be done easily and without spending much money. For mermaid man, you need an orange tank top, black shorts, green stockings, green gloves, and pink slippers. You will also need purple paper to cut out the shells, and yellow paper to cut out the “M”. Glue it to an orange ribbon and glue that on the costume. For barnacle boy, you need black shorts, a red shirt, blue gloves, boots, a tie, and a hat.


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