Spiking it

The squeaks of shoes against the shiny linoleum floor and the shouts of “ball!” and “mine!” fill the gym as spectators settle down to watch the game of volleyball.  It’s make or break, at this point in the year, and the girls give it their all.

Huddle in between sets. Photo by Mary De Leon

The last game of the season was against the newly-renamed L.E.E High School, and unlike the first game we played against them, our lady brahmas did lose on the Tuesday Oct. 24  game.

“I had a lot of fun,” Hannah Ragnar, a senior, said. “Even though it was out last game, I just felt very happy playing with the team I have played with all season.”

Hannah had a lot of fun overall, and reflected over the season.  The best game, the worst game, and how the new coach, Coach Megan Liverett, changed the team dynamic.

“I think our best game was when we played Reagan in the first round of districts,” Ragnar said.

And the thing that changes how a team performs, is positivity.  The worst game they played, in Ragnar’s opinion, was due to a lack of positivity.

“Our second round, the Madison game,” she said. “We could have been a lot more positive.”

And one of the reasons they were able to be so headstrong in their thinking was in part with Coach Liverett’s help.  She’s new this year to the school, and Ragnar said that though she was different, it wasn’t a bad different.

“I think she really shaped our team into something positive,” Ragnar said.

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