Tennis Tikes

Members of the tennis team taught elementary school students how to play tennis on Oct. 20, at the MacArthur tennis courts. Students from Oak Grove came to the school to learn more about the sport.

“We mainly taught basics and fundamentals to a range of elementary kids,” senior Anna Fredrickson said. “We taught them what a racket is, and how to use it. Then we played mini games so they could show what they learned.”

Each tennis player worked with a small group of kids to show them the fundamentals of their sport.


“It was fun interacting with the kids themselves,” senior Payton Chism said. “We got to know each little kid in our group, that was pretty fun.”

Teaching someone a whole new sport can be difficult but Fredrickson says the team enjoyed the kids.

“For the most part it was difficult to keep them entertained,” Fredrickson said. “But it was fun and the kids were sweet and cute.”

Coach McKinley proposed the idea after talking to Oak Grove, so the offered to help them start a tennis club.

” It was fun to see them excited about tennis,” Fredrickson said. “Hopefully get more people inspired to play.”

It was the first time tennis was doing this. Later in the future they plan to have more tennis clubs but they aren’t scheduled yet.

“Teaching kids sports at a young age builds the idea of working with a team and how to be a leader,” Chism said. “It helps them be stronger people overall. And helps them not only think of themselves but others too.”

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