The Artists behind the Mactoberfest T-shirt Design Contest

The cold air, and dropping temperature mean two things, one, the season of fall is here, and two, Mactoberfest, and with Mactoberfest there’s the Mactoberfest T-shirt design contest, where PALS choose two T-shirt designs to represent Mactoberfest. Which is why Kayla Olveda, a junior, had entered her art into the contest.

“I’ve heard of it before,” Olveda said. “You enter a design so I was like, oh shoot, let me try out see how I do. So I did.”

Kayla Olveda had spent some time to figure out what kind of design she should draw, and what type of theme it should have, then, she had finally found it.

“I was watching Low Riders, and I saw all the art, and I was like dang that’s really good, and the Hispanic traditional art, was wow,” Olveda said. “I was thinking it would be cool  if I could draw a girl, maybe like Dia De Los Muertos and with a bull like the brahma, and I had asked my friends what they thought and they said they wouldn’t really like a random lady on a shirt for Mactoberfest, but it would be cool if you did like a skull brahma, and that’s when I decided to incorporate both of them together.”

Art by Kayla Olveda.

So, with her idea of a women and a brahma skull she had entered into the contest and she had gone to be part of the top three choices for PALS where, Olveda had many emotions going through her.

“When I found out I was top three I felt really excited, nervous, and happy, like different feelings were going through me, mostly happiness though,” Olveda said. “I felt like I really had a chance to win.”

That’s one of the things Olveda and Madison Galven, a senior and a member of PALS, had in common. They both were apart of the top three, and were so excited about where they were.

“I was pretty excited,” Galven said. “I’ve never made a shirt before so I thought that was really cool.”

However, Olveda wasn’t able to share the excitement long, because when PALS had shown the designs that won, Kayla Olveda wasn’t one of the winners.

“When I lost I was obviously disappointed,” Olveda said. “mostly because I had put in so much  work into my art.”

Art by Madison Galven.

Although Galvan did share appreciation for Olveda’s artwork, and thought it was really good.

“I actually really liked that one, I thought it was really pretty, the only reason we didn’t pick it was because last year we had one like that, and when it rendered it kind of went weird,” Madison said. “It didn’t look as good as it did on the paper, so we didn’t want to like mess it up and dishonor the artist, because it was really good.”

Madison Galvan’s idea was chosen to be one of the designs to represent Mactoberfest.

“I was pretty excited,” Galvan said. “Just because I like being involved and doing a lot of stuff, so it was another thing to add on to like my little personal resume.”

Art by Jenna Vega

Mactoberfest has two t-shirt designs, Madison Galvan’s, who had designed a halloween collage, with a frocket, and Jenna Vega’s who designed a decorated skull. Some might think it’s better to have one shirt design and just print that one, but there’s a reason why there’s two winners.“We [PALS] actually had two shirts last year, one was a brahma skull, and the other one was just a brahma and it said Mactoberfest on it,” Galvan said. “It’s just so people have options if they want to choose more than one, or both, if they wanted.”

While having two shirts is special itself, because the students and staff actually have a choice on what design they want, the T-shirts mean a lot to the artists.

“What they represent to me, I feel like is MacArthur itself just cause were so diverse, we have so many things to offer,” Galvan said. “So I think it’s really cool that we design our own [t-shirts] and a lot of Mac students submit their own because they want to be apart of big school wide event, I think it’s really cool that we do that instead of just designing a shirt on one of those t-shirt making websites.I think it’s cool to get everyone involved.”

Mactobefest is on Nov. 8.

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