Christmas Starts in November

It’s the beginning of November and people are preparing for Thanksgiving. As they walk in the store to buy things for the holiday, an annoyed expression appears on their faces. Christmas is not until the end of December and stores are already packed with decorations.


Despite the annoyance, it’s a good idea that stores sell christmas products ahead of time.

Christmas is one of the most popular and joyful celebrations, it would be ideal for it to start a little early. Christmas is a very important time for kids. The lights, the trees, the colorful ornaments, and the candy canes that only come once a year are a big part of their childhood. Seeing these things early can bring them even more joy. As people grow older, that spirit becomes more dull. It doesn’t feel the same as it did when they were little kids. Those decorations help them remember their childhood and they get a spark of that Christmas feeling for two months straight. Sometimes Christmas Day doesn’t feel like Christmas at all for some people. If stores waited until the last minute to put holiday items out, the feeling would be missing.

Some people go BIG on Christmas. Ornaments available early in November helps them save money because they are cheap. They can buy all the things they need for their party before they get expensive in late December. Also, that’s when things are hard to find because most people are buying at the last minute. Right now gift wrap is $.50, lights are $7, and candy canes are $1. On Christmas week those items and others are more expensive.

Opposition might say that the holiday feels rushed, but it actually feels longer because it’s Christmas for two months instead of one day. Also, they say that Thanksgiving is being forgotten by jumping straight to Christmas, but stores have Thanksgiving supplies, too.

The Christmas season starting in November is a great idea. Stores are benefiting themselves and others by providing decorations in advance.

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