Symphonies in Action

Viola against sheet music. Photo by Mary De Leon

To watch the LISZT Piano Concerto No. 1, Orchestra will be attending the San Antonio Symphony at the Tobin Center on Friday, Nov. 10.  

Chatter is not loud around seven o’clock at night in front of MacArthur High school.  Small groups are hanging around, waiting for their buses to arrive to take them downtown.  The orchestra students are excited to go see the professional symphony play, as some of them are in our own school symphony, or hoping to join soon.  

“My favorite part of going to the trips is being able to see professionals play gorgeous, and glorious pieces made by talented composers,” sophomore JV violinist, Andrea Medder said.  

Students in the school orchestra are required to attend two professional symphonies a year, and although many don’t, the few times they go are rather memorable.  

“In the past, it was very similar, and was indeed a lot of fun,” Medder said.  This is her fourth performance to attend.  

 Varsity violinist (who actually sits first chair, first violinist, the most important chair in the whole orchestra), Andrea Garoutte, called the experience ‘gorgeous.’

“My favorite part of going to the symphony is getting to regularly see this colorful, awe-inspiring performance done by professional musicians,” Garoutte said.

She also said that the Tobin Center was beautiful, with perfect acoustics.

“Overall, I love spending time with friends in such a life-changing environment, and letting the music soothe my soul and keep my stress at bay.”

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