The goalkeeper analyzes the field as sweat comes down her forehead. She decides to pass it to the center back who is open and anxiously waiting for the ball. She dribbles it while the opposite team tries to steal it without success. She passes it to the left midfielder who passes it to the attacking midfielder. She kicks it fiercely and it goes right in the net. GOAL! Another game is added to their victories.

The varsity girls soccer team started the season on the right foot. So far, they’ve won nine games, lost three, and tied one.

“We’re off to a good start and we keep improving with each game,” Coach Samara Weinstein said. “We’re correcting our mistakes and learning from them and it’s shown nothing but growth and potential.”

To practice for the next game, they focus on the last one.  “Our main focus is to get better,” Peng said.

This season is their redemption season which makes every win important. Right back Morgan Kingsburg says that with every win they gain more energy and they become proud of being in the team.

“We get a lot more confidence when we win, I feel like it gives us more hype,” Kingsburg said.

The team’s success is the result of their bond. They have good communication on the field and off the field, too.

“We connect pretty well, the soccer team is just a bunch of best friends,” target forward Isabella Von Toussaint said.

The team needs to work on their aggressiveness on the field. Kingsburg adds that they need to improve their abilities by fighting harder every time.

“As our coach would say ‘have no fear when we’re out on the field’,” Kingsburg said.

 The players’ victories come from communication and working hard.

 “I think the key is that people work hard and you work for your other teammates, not just for yourself and you go out there and play the game,” Kingsburg said.

Their next game is on Feb. 2, at 5 p.m, against Johnson.

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