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Knowing how to get help is different from going out and getting it.  There are apps out now that you can use to talk to people if you want to, if you’re having problems, as opening up to strangers is much easier than to those you know a lot of the time.

Screenshot of TalkLife trigger warning. Photo by Mary DeLeon

TalkLife is a company founded in 2014, and they have developed an app where one can go to talk about their life in all aspects, the good and the bad.  There are a number of categories and moods you can post under, and there are options when posting to be anonymous or to warn those scrolling their feed of sensitive content.  

The app is a safe place for people of all ages, and you can see the ages of those who post before trying to help or letting them know that they’re not alone.  That helps many people feel more safe when messaging or posting, asking for help.

MJ Hoffert, junior, uses the app more often than she thought she would.

“It depends on how I’m feeling,” Hoffert said.  “I give updates on certain things.” 

Screenshot of TalkLife warning. Photo by Mary DeLeon

One of the warnings on the app is to reach out not only on there, but to those you know or to emergency services.  

“Even strangers can help a [troubled] mind,” Hoffert said. “I would also definitely go to my closest friends too. I would honestly reach out to both.”

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