Apple Explains All…Sort Of

Apple employees recently came clean about slowing down older IPhone models. The story about Apple doing such a thing to their iPhones went viral within a week of being posted and the company now faces nine lawsuits.


In France, the company was sued for slowing down older phones and was taken to criminal court because a French organization filed a criminal lawsuit. The organization claimed that Apple violated a French law passed in 2015 that prohibits “the practice of obsolescence” which means making something seem less valuable by replacing it with something new and better. Apple’s actions were considered unacceptable and they had to be “punished” for it.

The company is being sued by consumers all over the United States and faces 12 different class-action lawsuits. There is one lawsuit that is demanding nearly a trillion dollars for damage and is considered the funniest one in America. Five customers from Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana filed a lawsuit against Apple. They said the company’s practices were “immoral and unethical” and that they also “engineered IOS updates to purposefully slow down the phones”.

Apple has said that they are doing it for a good reason because the Lithium-ion batteries don’t work well in cold weather and over time contain low battery charges. They come out with a new IOS that works for the new phone and they try to make it work for the older phones as well, hence the several new updates. The lithium-ion batteries have lithium based cells that require special “care and feeding” in both mechanical and electrical aspects.

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