DACA Needs to Stay

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a program created by former president Barack Obama which allows young illegal immigrants to work legally in the United States and protects them from deportation. President Donald Trump decided to step in and announced on Sept. 5, that no one new will be able to enter the program and those who are currently in it will start losing protection and work permits on Mar. 6. In other words, he wants to end DACA. He gave congress until Mar. 5 to find a solution for the 800,000 immigrants protected by DACA. Since then, there have been many complications and congress doesn’t seem to be acting on the issue, so they might not even meet the deadline. The fate of the DACA members is unknown.

The president shouldn’t end DACA. DACA should continue, so that it can benefit the many undocumented immigrants.

Many of them came to the United States at a very young age. Younger than they can remember. Some don’t even find out they are undocumented until their teenage years. They did not choose to come. Their parents did. It was out of their control, so they shouldn’t be denied their rights for something they didn’t do. Often politicians point out that they shouldn’t be punished for the sins of their parents and they are totally right. This country is all they’ve ever known. They grew up here. This is their country. Their blood might be from another place but their heart is from here. There is no difference between them and a legal citizen born from undocumented parents.

DACA was the solution to their problems. It finally gave immigrants the chance to build a life here. They can finally get a driver license and enroll in a college. It finally gave them the chance to benefit their country by participating in the job market and contributing to the economy. They can also serve their country now by joining the military. They earn higher wages, which convert into higher tax revenue and economic growth. This benefits them, the government, and all Americans.  They are loyal to their home. The only place they’ve ever known.

Last but not least, the government shouldn’t take away something they’ve worked so hard for. They’ve worked by advocating and when Obama finally opened these doors to them, they worked hard at their jobs and schools. They are not criminals. They don’t assault. They don’t defraud. They are hard workers. The president shouldn’t take away their dream, their American dream.

Opposition says that since dreamers have to be approved every two years, a legislature solution is a better option, but previous bipartisan replacements have been undetermined. Dreamers are happy with their DACA program even if it means renewing it every two years. People like the president often worry that dangerous people are coming into the country, but DACA recipients are an example that there are thousands of immigrants who just want a better life in the United States. 

The president is making an unfair decision by taking away DACA. The program should not end. Congress needs to start acting on the issue and decide the fate of the dreamers. 

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