Chowing Down on BBQ

A brown bag is bland and boring until it’s opened and inside is a pulled pork sandwich dripping with tangy sweet barbecue sauce. A way to get this sandwich is to go out and buy it, but the seniors were lucky and got a little surprise for lunch by having the meals come to them on Mar. 30 in the bus line.

“We wanted to change things up from the previous years,” Mrs. Reyna, senior co-sponsor, said. “So we had one senior lunch in the fall and we wanted to carry it over and start new events in the spring, we wanted to do two lunches a year, because we want to do something every month.”


With the BBQ lunch, the senior class officers went all in with different props to have fun while the seniors ate.

“I think it’s a really good idea [the props],” Sarah Clamp, the vice president of the senior officers said. “It’s really cute, and its a good way to make memories senior year.” 

The senior officers weren’t handling this event on their own, they had help with the food.

“We got [food] from the culinary classes, this is kind of the second time we’ve done something like this with them, they did our nacho day,” Miranda Alonzo, the Champlain of the senior class officers said. “Basically, if you paid your senior dues then you can come down and eat a different lunch.”

When getting help for this event the senior officer and their cosponsors, had to plan it out so the food would be ready on time.

“Usually we have to get on the calendar a month before because it takes a while to order the stuff,” Mrs. Reyna said. “Like the supplies for what ever were going to make and of course make sure that we get enough.”

With the senior class officers of 2017-2018, planning new events for their fellow seniors the outcome for it is very rewarding.

“It’s very fun and refreshing it’s kind of still difficult but there’s always something there,” Alonzo said. “Something at the end of the rainbow.”

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