A Creative Start

In order to decide  activities for the Creative Writing Club, English teachers Mr. Arnatt and Mrs. Benavides gave a survey to all the members at their first meeting on Thursday, Sept.13.

Copies of different Bullseye magazines. Photos by Karen Mendoza

   “I gave them the creative writing survey because I really want to see what they need from this club and what they want to do because as a writer myself, I know that I like to do certain things, but that may not be what these students need,” Mrs. Benavides said.

    The survey contained options for different activities such as receiving feedback from peers and fun writing activities. It also included options of skills to improve on like building characters, descriptions, plot, dialogue, and settings. Senior Callie Belcher said she checked off every option on the list.

    “I want to improve as much as I can before I actually start taking a creative writing college course,” Belcher said.

     Sophomore Nadiya White wants to improve her descriptions, settings, and the plot on her stories. She also wants to attempt writing horror stories.

     “I really like to read things that are scary,” White said, “I just want to write in a point of view that is scary sort of like Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe.”

     After reading the surveys, Mrs. Benavides had an idea of what the club is going to look like. Most people checked off the fun writing activities and the feedback option, so that will be a main focus of the club. These ideas will be built upon on this Thursday at their next meeting.

      “[The survey] really helped me see what everybody wanted,” Mrs. Benavides said, “so I could see what was the highest demand.”

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