On the Hunt for a Healthy Lifestyle

To promote physical, social, and mental wellness among teachers, custodians, and cafeteria workers, the Wellness Committee created a digital scavenger hunt around the school that began on Oct. 29, and will end on Dec. 21.

    “The goal here is not only to get the teachers up and walking, but also to be introduced to other teachers and other parts of the campus that they normally wouldn’t see,” chairman of the committee, Mrs. Martinez said.

      There are QR codes around the school with riddles that take the participants to their next location. Also, each code says to get a different item that represents something that they should be doing in their lives.

      “For example, it [can] say grab tape, so that way you know how to stick with your goals,” Mrs. Martinez said. “Or grab a highlighter to remind you that you need to shine bright for all your students.”

Mr.Curran scanning a QR code

     Once someone collects all the items, they need to make a collage, take a picture, and email it to Mrs. Martinez. The first one to finish wins the grand prize which is a chair with a balance ball on it. The rest get their name thrown into a drawing to win workout equipment, weight and food scales, or cooking equipment.

      “We call the prizes incentives and that’s supposed to motivate them to want to do something,” Mrs. Martinez said.

        French teacher Mr. Curran was the 1st one to finish the scavenger hunt. He said that his favorite part about it was the difficulty of the riddles.

        “Wellness is a part of my life,” Mr.Curran said. “ I like school so I liked walking around the school.”

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