Sprechen sie Deutsch? Wurstfest 2018

Swaying back and forth, Bratwurst on a stick in their hands, singing along to the polka music being played by the band on the stage the German Club students took a field trip to Wurstfest.  Students traveled to New Braunfels on Nov. 5 to experience the German culture, food, and Polka music.

“Wurstfest is a place where you can experience the German culture with your friends,” senior Ethan Hernandez said. ” The food there was great me and my friends were dancing to the polka music which was really fun.”

Alex Meixner playing an instrument from Austria called an Alpenhorn.

Since it’s a new year that means new students are joining the German club. Freshman Arden Schweninger talks about her first time going to Wurstfest.

“I was walking around Wurstfest and exploring the different things the food and the music,” Schweninger said. “I thought the music was pretty interesting.”

It may be the last year of Wurstfest for German Club students who have been in the club since freshman year. They will leave a lasting legacy on the underclassmen who join every year.

“Hanging out with my friends who I have known since freshman year really made Wurstfest fun.” Hernandez said.

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