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To help students who are struggling financially, MacTEACH created a donation drive called the “Mini-mall” six years ago. The donations are located in Mrs. Esparza’s room.

“We started it because we realized there were students on this campus that did not have certain essentials like warm clothes, food, soap, and toothbrushes,” head of MacTEACH, Mr. Davidson said. “We thought it’d be a good project to add to our fifteen other projects.”

To make sure the Mini-mall is full of essentials, MacTEACH students donate, encourage others to donate, and sometimes Mr. Davidson purchases items.

“We have everything down there,” Mr. Davidson said. “We have jackets, belts, shoes, socks, food, toiletry items, things you would need on a daily basis.”

MacTEACH members not only contribute with donations, for example, junior Ivy Fowler goes to Mrs. Esparza’s room at least twice a week to organize the Mini-mall and make sure all the donations are accessible.

The minimall full of essentials. Photo by Karen Mendoza

“Last year, Mr. Davidson told me he needed a student to step up and take over everything because it wasn’t that organized or functioning, so I just did it,” Fowler said.

Mr. Davidson said that the good thing about the donation drive is that it respects student’s privacy because they get sent down by their teachers or counselors, so MacTEACH students never know who is being helped.

“When I hear we are out of jackets or we need more stuff, then I know that’s good because people are getting them and they’re taking advantage of the place that is down there for them,” Mr. Davidson said.

Mr. Davidson encourages students to donate because he believes that Mac students should take care of each other.

“We have to think beyond ourselves and I believe we are our best selves when we’re helping other people,” Mr. Davidson said.

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