Veterans Day

In the cold weather, there’s a repetition of the American flag as every cadet stands firmly along the sidewalk on MacArthur View as cars drive by. Every Veterans Day, JROTC pays their respects to all those who have served in the military.

“This day recognizes those that have served our country faithfully and fully, also those who have sacrificed to keep us safe and have worked hard to earn the right to be called a veteran,” senior Jesus Jr. Carrasco said.

JROTC cadets stand still in the cold rain honoring the american flag in silence. Photo by Chantal Melesio.

Bringing in a new generation of joining the military, Jesus stands up to protect his country in order to give his future family someone to look up to and have the recognition deserved.

“I don’t have anyone in the family to share this with, I’m the first to join the military,” Carrasco said.

Being part of the JROTC program has set him up to be the best cadet by the help of his majors to lead him onto the right path of readiness and preparation to the Army.

“I feel very honored to be able to show my appreciation and gratitude for their sacrifice and service,” Carrasco said.

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