All State Band

Every year students compete in several band competitions, they receive excerpts from TMEA (Texas music educators association) and have to audition through three rounds; District, Region and then Area.

This year, on Saturday Jan. 12, sophomore Aaron Lira was the only student from MacArthur to advance to All-State

When he wasn’t practicing he was listening to the piece via audio files and looking at scores every day. He played two excerpts on a marimba, one on a symphony drum and one on snare drum.

photo by Keely Faust.

“I would say that I was very prepared.” Lira said, “Although I didn’t practice everyday, when I did, it was for about three to four hours.”

For Aaron his favorite part of every round was waiting for the results, waiting to find out if he placed holding onto his confidence. After playing, he managed to place first in every round, leaving him to look forward to the next.

“It is something I would have never imagined.” Lira said, ” There are no words I would use to describe the feeling.”

Being in the audition room, Lira said that it is very intimidating but it doesn’t feel like there is so much pressure. just knowing that there are others performing their very best, encouraged him to succeed.

“Next is to be placed for a chair.” Lira said,  “We haven’t gotten the excerpts yet, but i’m looking forward to it.”

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