Closed for Business

It is day 33 of almost one million Americans working countless hours, getting a second job, and being illegally forced to work without pay.

The government shutdown began on Dec. 22nd and has continued through the new year. Congress and the President fail to sign appropriations such as funding federal government operations and agencies. This comes with families not having access to their food stamps and also relying on social security checks that pay off medical bills.

“The only problem is through my mother’s work,” junior Megan Gaston said. “She works for public storage and a lot of people haven’t been able to pay their dues this month because they relied on the social security check.”

Some families are on the line of losing momentos and necessities by storing them in a unit but are worried overpayments. With these types of problems, families are limited to their choices of income.

“I think the government should have a funding account set aside for problems like this,” Gaston said.

People’s lives are at risk as the government struggles to open back up in order to distribute the money people worked for.

President trump announced short term opening on the government this morning as the money for the border wall is denied and put to the side.

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