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Last week, the cafeteria began selling ice cream during all three lunches for only $.50 to $.75.

Ice cream popsicles. photo by Hannah Monita

“I really helps us with our sales,” cafeteria manager, Padrina Hood said. “We’ve been doing really good with the ice cream, everyone wants ice cream, [we’re] scared to run out.”

Running out was one of the reasons why the school was unable to sell the sweet treat the past three years.

“Unfortunately, we were out of stock of ice cream for a while but its back now,” Ms. Hood said. “We give everyone something different, something great.”

Some of the products include, ice cream sandwiches, cookies and cream cones, dessert cups, ice cream bars, with the favorite being the cones.

“The kids they seem to like it,” Ms. Hood said. “We’re offering different flavors, more variety for them to choose from.”

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