Cruising Into Reading: MACTeach collects books for elementary kids

Growing up in this generation surrounds kids with technology as a way of entertainment and a distraction. It has slowly swept them away from reading books and no longer find a use to get a hardcover and flip through pages.

MACTeach is hosting a book drive to bring back reality into the adventure of reading.  

“We’re trying to get the books for kids whose parents aren’t in a financially safe spot to make that a priority for the children or in a situation where parents don’t value that,” junior Hayley Herlich said.

Having the advantage of having books open to students gives a free pass into expanding their thought process and imagination to keep them involved in school.

“I remember growing up books were a huge part of my childhood and I would credit a lot of my academic success to my childhood reading on how many books I was interested in,” Herlich said. “It helped my vocabulary and how it helped my cultural knowledge.”

All the books collected by MACTeach are being put in alphabetical order. Photo by Chantal Melesio

Because schools lack that catch students interests, too many students turn to alternative pass times, like video games and social media. 

“Reading is so much better for you to get in bed and fall asleep instead of scrolling through Instagram,” Herlich said. “If kids foster that love for reading at an early age I think it’ll be easier to bring it into their adult life.”

This project will set the example for every kid of reading being fun for each person. 

“A kid could find relativity in a character, there’s so many with different personalities,” Herlich said. “We all have those books we love and grew up reading and always went back to them. It’s valuable.”

There is no limits on books to tell the reader what to do and how to think but it will expand their thought process and imagination.

“If you don’t have books to donate, spread the word. Children learn best by seeing other people doing something,” Herlich said. “Being that example for those students also helps to show a love for reading also being authentic by being yourself.”

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