The Baseball Field Needs a Netting System

     Two cars in front of the baseball field were hit by baseballs during practice last week. The school’s campus traffic rules state that the school is “not liable for any damage incurred to vehicles while parked on campus”, so the people that were affected have to pay for the damages themselves.

     If the school doesn’t have to pay, and the baseball players are not willing to pay, the school should put a netting system around the baseball field to prevent accidents.

     When the science building was being built, teachers had to park by the softball field. After many accidents were reported, the school put a netting system and it successfully decreased the number of accidents. If this was effective for the softball field, it shouldn’t be any different for the baseball field.

     The netting system will prevent any inconvenient payments from both sides. At the end of the day, neither the baseball players or the car owners are at fault. It was an accident, and it is unfortunate when someone has to pay for damages that could of easily been avoided with a netting system.

     A fence would also stop further conflict with the baseball team. If more accidents keep occurring, this can turn into a big deal and people could start protesting the school’s policies or claim that the baseball team has full responsibility. Neither the school or students want conflict, especially when a netting system would prevent it.

     Opposition might say that it’s only a small percentage of cars being hit, but one car is enough to cause conflict between the owner and the baseball team. And one car should be enough to realize that something needs to be done to prevent more cars from being damaged.

     The baseball players should pay individually for the damages already made because even though it was an accident, they are responsible for it, and to prevent more conflict, the school should put a netting system around the baseball field.

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