Vision Boards: What, Why, and How

Among the fireworks and sparkling grape juice, resolutions abound. Some people write them in a journal, put them in their phone, or share them with friends.

The feeling of mid-January defeat is a pretty universal experience. You set a goal or make a resolution and before the first month is even over, you have failed. It’s natural. It’s hard to change your life in the blink of an eye. 

That is where a vision board can come to the rescue. The purpose of a vision board is to help your goals come to fruition. 

A vision board can be a collage of magazine clippings, printed images, dreams, goals and aspirations. Most vision boards are physical posters, but many people make them digitally. Having goals represented by something tangible and visual assists their actualization. Looking at images that represent things you desire, success you want to acquire, or ideas you are interested in learning more about, keeps them on your mind. And there’s no better feeling than looking at your vision board and reflecting on the past year when your visions have turned into accomplishments. 

They are pretty easy to make. Glue or tape your images to paper or poster, or just hang them on your wall. Focus on wellness, self-betterment, style, activity, spirituality, or major change. Things that you know are going to happen can also be added if you’d like. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you want. Feel free to print more special images out. Think about what you want to improve and change. Use pictures as symbols for goals. 

So grab your scissors and some old magazines, and start! Go turn those visions into reality.

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  1. Great article Delaney!! I love vision boards and this article really brings their purpose to life! You’re so cool! 😎

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