Orchestra Competes in Solo and Ensemble Over Weekend

Working on their solo and ensemble pieces for over 3 months, orchestra students competed at UIL Solo and Ensemble this past Saturday, February 1 at Madison High School. 

Varsity orchestra member, Claudia Banda, 11, was awarded with a First Division  (local) ranking on a Class 1 solo.

I felt very relieved because it’s been something that’s been on my mind for around 3 months now,” Banda said.

Claudia played Allegro Brillante by Willem Ten Have on violin.

Over 40 students made First Division, of which nearly half were able to advance to state UIL.




Kayla DeJesus, violin

Carl Donoughue, violin

Sylvia Garcia, violin

Sarah Gerlach, violin

Hannah Kim, violin

Emily Rivera, violin

Emily Seddighzadeh, violin

Ruben Rueda, violin

Sydney Crane, viola

Dylan Garibaldi, viola

Marisol Gonzales, viola

Alberto Guerra, viola

Matthew Hsu, viola

Stella Marti, viola

Jonathan Villegas, viola

Katherine Beebe, cello

Barrett Brown, cello

Kathleen Torgerson, cello

Juan Carrasco, bass

Evan Martin, bass

Dylan Garibaldi and Sydney Crane (Duet)

Hannah Kim, Caleb Aguiar, Matthew Hsu, and Katherine Beebe (Quartet)

Ilana Solis, Kathleen Torgerson, Barrett Brown, Angela Barajas, Hannah Guajardo, and Katherine Beebe (Cello Choir)


Other orchestra members earning First Division ratings:


Isabella Curtin, violin

Caleb Aguiar, violin

Anissa Avina, violin

Claudia Banda, violin

Lily Corby, violin

Malena Earls, violin

Andrea Kielen, violin

Arsela Martinez, violin

Julia Reyes, violin

Valeria Tuesta, violin

Magdalena Vargas, violin

Casie Ziegler-Bellinger, violin

Jocelyn DeLeon, violin

Kolton Phillips, violin

Valeria Collazo, viola

Adrian Salazar, viola

Analisa Lopez, viola

Angela Barajas, cello

Ilana Solis, cello

Sofia Crowe, cello

Sebastian Mendoza, bass

Elizabeth Glasgow, cello

Alejandra Santos, cello

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