Valentine’s Day: What to Give

      Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people are planning dates and buying gifts for their significant others, but some are not. Some people are panicking because the day approaches and they have no idea what to buy their loved one. Here are some ideas of what to give your boyfriend/ girlfriend that will make them fall in love with you even more:


Something Basic

      There is nothing wrong with the common gifts. Bears, flowers, and chocolates are always the protagonists of Valentine’s day because people won’t get tired of them. They still bring happiness to every person. If you want to be a little more unique, you can do the following:

A teddy bear, flowers, and chocolates. Photo from
  • Stuffed animals: Give your significant other a different stuffed animal. There are many animals to choose from including penguins, pigs, turtles, giraffes, etc. Just choose your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s favorite animal. 
  • Flowers: Instead of roses, you can give any other type of colorful flowers that will bring joy to the person you love. 
  • Chocolates: Try to choose the best quality chocolates which include Ferrero Rocher, Lindor, and Dove. Dark chocolate is always the best option because it’s the most romantic.


Something Creative

      A creative gift is the best kind of gift. It means a lot to the other person that you took time from your day to create something special. It shows that you care and think about the person, and it makes your gift unique. These are some ideas:

  • An example of a photo album. Photo from

    Love letter:  Write how you feel about the person. To make it more romantic, you can roll it and put it in a bottle with a cork like people do when they’re lost on an island. 

  • Photo album: Choose all your favorite pictures together. Then divide the album into sections with common themes like “all the times we’ve been to a restaurant together,” or “Every time we’ve been to the movies,” and then decorate it like a scrapbook.
  • Memory jar: Write about all the memories you have. Then put the notes inside a mason jar and decorate it. Maybe your partner remembers amazing things y’all went through that were long forgotten, or appreciates that you cherish a memory they never thought you would remember.
  • Inside Joke jar: write all your inside jokes and put them inside a mason jar and y’all just laugh about them.
  • Other: Drawings, or any arts and crafts found on youtube.


Something more expensive 

Different James Avery Jewelry. Photo from James Avery online catalog.

       More expensive gifts are always a popular option. The important thing here is giving that special someone a quality gift that isn’t too expensive. The other person might feel bad that you spent so much money on them or you might regret it if y’all ever break up. Some good ideas are:      

  • perfume/cologne 
  • a James Avery ring or necklace
  • a build-a-bear with a cute recording inside. 




Love and affection

      This isn’t an alternative for the other gift ideas, but an addition. The simplest thing to give your partner on Valentine’s day is your love and affection. Small gestures are greatly appreciated. Some things you can do are:

  • Pay more attention to her/him
  • listen to their problems 
  • listen to their stories no matter how dumb they are
  • Help them with their homework
  • help them study
  • just be more attentive in general.




      These are just some ideas of what to give your significant other. If you still don’t know what to give them, you can simply take a picture with him/her on Valentine’s day. The Yearbook staff will have a photo booth with props during all three lunches

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