Valentine’s Vibes: Music Playlist

As Valentine’s Day approaches, and the rising trend of our generation consuming more music than generations before, why not spend Valentine’s with a playlist curated with cuffing season in mind?


Spend Valentine’s with this specially-curated playlist of modern and classic jams that’ll have you thinking about that special someone and their place in your heart.

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1. “The Village”

New Order 

This underrated synth-pop song, from their 1983 sophomore album Power, Corruption & Lies, illustrates the feeling of forever love, despite hardships and challenges that may strain the relationship of two partners. 

2. “Just My Imagination”

The Cranberries

From the 1998 gold-certified album Bury the Hatchet, this song features themes of early love and transitioning into familyhood with their spouse. This shows the reality of family-life and how love can adapt through familial duties and responsibilities.

3. “Circles”

Durand Jones & The Indications

Featured in their 2019 American Love Call, “Circles” explores feelings of a hopeless romantic’s true love for someone, despite the other person’s unreceptiveness of the protagonist’s feelings. Even though the protagonist realizes this, they still feel compelled to ‘circle back’ to this person, making this relatable to some, especially around Valentine’s.

4. “My Favorite Fish”

Gus Dapperton

In his 2019 debut album Where Polly People Go to Read, Gus Dapperton sings about the two sides of love and how finding the right person out of the many ‘fish in the sea’ will make the pros of a relationship heavily outweigh the cons.

5. “I Second That Emotion”

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

In their 1967 hit-single, Smokey Robinson explains that if his love for the person he is trying to court is mutual, he will gladly pursue the relationship; If his love isn’t, then he won’t try anymore. This is commonplace today as more and more people are trying to find ‘the one.’ They are trying to carefully pursue a person who will love them as much as they will love them back; If the person they are pursuing isn’t as receptive, the won’t continue, because modern youth, and Smokey Robinson, both think that being with the wrong person is a waste of time.

All of these love-inspired songs, and 13 more, will leave you feeling the Valentine’s Day spirit. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify, linked above.

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