Spring Break on a Budget

With Spring Break around the corner there may be a lot of activities that are on your list to do with friends and family, but those plans might be too expensive. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to be a couch potato at home, here are few activities that cost a decent amount of money or nothing at all: 


Free things


  • The Witte museum – on Tuesday’s  from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. the museum will offer free admission where you can see cool dinosaur figures and artifacts and an area to go play around with your younger siblings.


On a budget


  • The beach– Going to the beach is a good way to spend your break, soak  in all the vitamin D, get a tan, or go swimming.
  • Go to games (basketball, baseball…) Going to a baseball game to see the San Antonio minor league baseball team the Missions is a fun way to see a sport over the break. Just wait a few days to get your tickets because the prices will go down for whatever is left over.
  • Arts and crafts- Go to Michael’s, Walmart or H-E-B and buy an art kit or just get some paper and some colors and make fun designs or pictures.
  • Sightseeing– Go around the state and visit beautiful cities, go to places you haven’t been to before.
  • Amusement parks- Go play some games and eat a bunch of food or go visit some animals like the pig race at the carnival.
  • Movies- spend up to ten or  thirteen dollars to go see the movies coming out during the break.
Witte Museum, credit from Witte Museum web site
Advertisement for The Lego Movie picture by Stephanie Lopez
AnimalAmusement park in Phoenix, Arizona picture
by Stephanie Lopez
Sightseeing in Austin Texas picture by Stephanie Lopez
MacArthur football game picture by Stephanie Lopez
Lake in Phoenix, Arizona picture by Stephanie Lopez
Dallas Reunion tower picture fromhttps://blog.ihg.com/
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