Seven Things to do During Quarantine

People all over the world have already discovered ways to entertain themselves during this massive quarantine, but those ways can become a tedious routine, so it’s always a good thing to find new ways to stop your boredom. Here are seven new things you can try to do at home:

A bookshelf. Photo by Karen Mendoza.

1. Read books: This is the right time to start reading. Maybe you think reading is boring, but with all this extra time in your hands, it’s worth a try. Order some books online but make sure they are interesting. For example, reading To kill a mockingbird as a beginner is extremely boring. I recommend dystopian novels, mystery, psychological thrillers, and crime books.

2. Write a story: This quarantine is giving us a lot of time to think, and this pandemic is opening our imagination. If you’ve never written a story, I recommend you do. It’s a way to escape reality and keeps you involved in another world that you created. The pandemic is a great focus for your story.

3. Journal: like I said, quarantine is giving us time to think. We think about the pandemic itself, the world suffering from it, and we reflect on personal things. Grab a notebook, some colorful pens if you have some, and write your thoughts. Write anything in that journal. Maybe one day you will become famous and the journal will be used as a primary source to analyze the coronavirus period.

A journal. Photo by Karen Mendoza

4. Cook: If you already cook, try to cook something different and challenging. Try to cook food from different cultures, with different techniques, and ingredients that you didn’t even know existed. Look for recipes on google or cooking videos on YouTube, and buy everything you need on your next visit to the grocery store.

5. Draw, paint, color: People with the artistic talent always do this, but even people that don’t have the skills can try to draw. It doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing. It’ s just a way to distract yourself and relax. For those who lack creativity, the best thing to do is to look up drawings on google and copy them, but never claim them as your original idea.

6. Reconnect with old friends: Everybody has those faded relationships. This is the time to reach out to old friends and ask them how they’ve been. Maybe after the quarantine, y’all are able to meet up and the friendship can be restored.

7. Learn something new: If you already do all of the above, then learn to do

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something new. Learn a new talent, like juggling different objects, walking with your hands, or doing crazy tricks with a ball; something random that you can surprise your friends with when we go back to school.


Even though staying home is crucial to stop the spread of Coronavirus, it can be really boring and frustrating. Adding these things to your routine can help you not go insane. They can help you pass time, rest, or find happiness in a time when it’s difficult to find it.

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