Mask On: Changes in Emergency Order Includes Facial Covering

With San Antonio’s COVID-19 cases expected to peak during late April, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Judge Nelson Wolff have updated their respective ‘Stay Home, Work Safe’ orders. These orders mandate social distancing practices, staying indoors, the closure of non-essential businesses, and the closure of schools. What does this update mean for you?


The Requirement of Face Masks

Throughout Bexar County, you are now required to wear a facial covering in an effort to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-19, the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. However, this mandate does not apply to,

  • those under the age of 10;
  • those who are exercising/engaging in outdoor physical activity;
  • when driving alone or with people who live with;
  • when wearing a mask poses a threat to your mental or physical health;
  • when at the fuel pump or operating equipment outside;
  • while performing an activity in a building that requires surveillance, such as at a bank teller station;
  • or while eating or drinking.

The face mask shall not be used as a substitute for social distancing, handwashing, and other health precautions outlined in the orders.


Reduction of Building Capacity for Essential Businesses

Essential businesses now have the maximum occupancy limit in their buildings reduced by 75 percent. Now, building capacity is 25 percent of the occupancy number listed on each business’s building license. This has resulted in line queueing at places like HEB and Walmart, as these businesses are limiting customers entering based on those who are still inside, and those who are exiting, which is in accordance with the order.


Closure of Golf Courses

In the City of San Antonio, all municipal golf courses are now closed. However, this doesn’t apply to privately-owned golf courses. Privately-owned golf courses are still expected to adhere to the order, through social distancing, outlined food service practices, and the banning of service and equipment rentals. Golfers are only allowed to bring themselves and their own equipment onto the course, and are forbidden from bringing non-players and rental equipment.


You can read the updated orders for the City of San Antonio here. You can read the identical Bexar County version here

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