Roam and Rejoice!: Post-COVID Jams of Unity

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As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting across the state, whether for good or for bad, more and more people are visiting each other in these lonely times. Whether it be family, friends, or lovers, these jams are a perfect soundtrack for the epic rejoice between you and those you care about, with respect to social-distancing, no doubt. This playlist transitions from the feeling of being trapped but hopeful for the future, to a life where, after all precautions are taken through a global effort, COVID-19 will be finally eradicated and a glimpse of our old lives will be here once again.



  • Patience – Tame Impala


This 2019 single highlights the passing of time since the world shut down and we’re just going through the motions of life, waiting for the next phase of life’s changes to occur. Even more so, it mentions the shapeless, aimless days we are all experiencing with the lack of life to keep us busy.



  • The Reeling – Passion Pit


Released on their 2009 sophomore album titled Manners, this hit can be applied to our states of mind during this pandemic. Analyzing the lyrics, one can create the connection that we dug this hole, crawled into it, and now we’re stuck. Stuck in our homes, protected from the outside elements, but not from ourselves. Furthermore, the mentions of our madness, the feeling of forgetting who we once were, and a desperate turn to religion is becoming commonplace nowadays as we chip away the days until we can finally go out into the world.



  • Reach Out Of The Darkness – Friend & Lover


Written and released in 1967, this single made this folk duo a one-hit wonder. Peaking on Billboard’s U.S. Top 100 chart at #10, this song signifies the transition out of the darkness of the world into the warm embrace of one another. An important aspect of this song is the angle of which we should all be there for each other in these trying times and that the strength of our unity and cooperation will bring light to the world once again.



  • 7 – Prince


Featured on Prince’s iconic 1992 Love Symbol (Ƭ̵̬̊ ) album, this song incorporates the theme of us against the world. It promotes the love and unity of people defeating the 7 Deadly Sins. From a secular standpoint, this can represent us using our ability to take this bull by its horns, and our understanding of this dire situation, to destroy the coronavirus.


Although the messages conveyed in these songs can seem like a stretch, it’s important to realise the implications of a botched transition back into our old lives. These songs are encouraging us to throw caution to the wind. Rather, they are meant to empower us into taking assertive action over this situation to defeat our current public health crisis and any naysayers who may not believe this very real issue. Remember, follow local health guidelines, practice safe hygiene, and do not go out if you are sick or live with someone who is. Following the rules can save countless lives, but only if everyone does their part.


You can listen to the rest of the playlist using the links at the top of the page.


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