TikTok is here to stay!

After months of uncertainty, and back and forth scares by Trump and his Administration, the popular app known as TikTok is here to stay! The story which leads all the way back to July after concerns of a “security threat” began spreading around social media leaving TikTok users worrying about the status of the app.

During the COVID outbreak the app became a source of entertainment, and income for many creators who found themselves stuck at home. As the app was getting set to be banned, it sent creators out posting videos piling the “for you page” with “follow me on Instagram and YouTube” videos. TikTok Creator Michael Le or better known as “justmaiko” who has a following of forty million plus posted an emotional video explaining how the app helped him, saying “I’m financially supporting my family because of this” referring to TikTok, and later adding “because of this I’m starting my career”.

As weeks passed, talks of the ban slowly started going down giving the users a sigh of relief. That was until the week of September 14th when Trump ordered the app be officially banned by the end of that week unless a piece is sold and operated in the U.S. After news broke out, the users feared that this would be the end to the app that brought them joy and entertainment. So what was three days felt like three years of waiting on a decision. And what turned into a last minute save by Oracle and Walmart ended up being the miracle users had waited months for, the two companies were able to buy a portion of TikTok which was soon approved by President Trump. Therefore ending the bizarre TikTok/Trump trilogy that lasted nearly two months, and during the process having an affect on the young voters.

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